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Professional manufacturer of petroleum equipment


ETP Series Electric

ETP Series Electric Transfer Pump Assembly


Oil Tank Truck Parts

Aluminum Manhole
Steel Manhole
Gauge Hatch  

Fuel Dispenser Components

Electronic controller
Explosion Proof Motor


Nozzle And Pump

Automatic Nozzles
J50-A NozzlesMore
TD-20A1 TD-20A2

Fuel LPG Dispenser

Struggle Series-Suction pump
Expansion Series-Suction pump
Economic Series-Suction pump
Starlight Series-Suction pump
Conquer Series-Suction pump
Red Sun Series-Suction pump

Industrial Pump

SM Series Positive Displacement Vane Meterr

Flow Meter

Positive Displacement..
V_and VS_series piston..
FL Air Eliminator

LPG Dispenser Componenets

LPG-1 , LPG-2 , LPG Relief Valve
LPG Components , LPG Separator
LPG Solenoid Valve
YB-40 LPG Sliding-vane Pump
LPG Manometer
LPG Nozzle Holder

Others Products

Filter & Filter holder
Flexible Pipe
Measuring Tank
Swivel and Breakaway
Oil Indicator

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